Life Coaching

Imagine as if you could master your life completely. Imagine as if you could envision clear goals and have the right amount of focus and conscious direction to achieve them swiftly and with excellence. How great would that be?

Life coaching is a relationship where the total focus is on you, on what you want in your life and the changes required to help you achieve it. A coach is a partner who collaborates with you to help clarify those goals and leads you to action and learning. It is a unique relationship that offers extraordinary levels of support and encouragement. Having someone in your reality who will hold you accountable for your actions. This relationship is like having your own personal navigator for your journey of life; someone who will help you discover yourself, unlock your potentials, unstick the stuck and stay on course.

Living an average life, with its basic requirements of eating, sleeping, going to work, and socializing are straightforward and easy to master. Yet, every individual, on a deeper level, has their own aspirations and internal desires of who they want to be, the life they want to lead and the changes necessary to achieve this life. It’s inside all of us, waiting to burst out. The setback for most people is how to actually manifest this into their reality. Coaching uses encouragement, support, guidance, motivation and commitment to help individuals lead a balanced, complete fulfilling life. Identifying with clients, understanding them and helping make action plans, commitments, overcoming obstacles, eliminating limiting and fear-based beliefs, and moving forward towards achieving a successful life of their choice.



The coaching relationship begins with a discovery session (or intake session), in which your coach gathers information and designs the way that you will work together. Each coaching relationship is unique and tailored to the client. You determine the agenda for each session, and together you plan the way the coaching will proceed. Weekly one on one meetings and/or telephone calls, will help maintain the focus and momentum. You may use this time to strategize, brainstorm, design further steps to your goal, report on progress or discuss pitfalls. It’s in this space that you will be able to approach your life with curiosity, interest, power, creativity and choice. you will determine the conditions that will give you the best results. You will grow and you will change.

NLP coaching is the blending of neuro-linguistic tools with personal coaching skills to help clients achieve more than they ever thought possible more easily, quickly, and effectively than personal coaching alone. Our method includes specific tools that require the use of both the conscious and subconscious processes to help people transform their dreams into reality.

What life coaching is not:

  • Life Coaching is not Psychology, counseling or therapy.
  • Life Coaching does not diagnose treat or cure mental or emotional problems and is not a substitute for other professional help.
  • Life coaching does not not impose ideas or force-feed information.

Research conducted by the International Coach Federation has revealed a number of ways coaching clients have found coaching to be valuable to their lives (ICF 1998, ICF 2009).

  • Improvements in self confidence and self esteem.
  • More harmonious relationships, better communication and heightened interpersonal skills.
  • Increased work performance and smarter business management.
  • Greater career opportunities.
  • Improved goal-setting and higher rates of project completion.
  • Increased personal organization and better time management.
  • Better work/life balance, more fun and more free time.
  • Improvements in health, fitness and wellness, more energy and lowered stress levels.
  • Success in stopping a bad habit.
  • Improvements in quality of life.
  • More income.

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