Throughout my own personal journey of self-realization, I adopted the necessary internal resources and tools to diverge from the self-limiting beliefs we tend to instill inside of us from the moment we come to this Earth.

I am not a healer. People are not broken to be fixed; rather, they need motivation, setting of goals and a clear vision enabling a focused, conscious-driven outlook on life.

I take people on a journey to self-discovery. Together, we detect their mission in life and develop it. My intention as a NLP Life Coach is to support people, inspire and empower them to help them find peace, confidence and strength to take charge of their lives. I listen to the unspoken and guide them to discover their own powers, so that they delve deeper into themselves and break free from their limitations, perceptions and fear-based beliefs that no longer serve them. I help them expand their horizons and get their “blocks out of the way”.

We live in a fast-paced, dynamic world filled with challenges and obstacles that tend to hinder our harmony and natural state of well-being. A shift in awareness, integrated with new thought formations and a raised consciousness, allows us to take effective, immediate control of our lives.

All the theories in the world are useless; it‘s by discovering your own core values and beliefs, not the ones that you are conditioned with, that will assist you in changing your attitude towards the past, letting go of your restrictions, recognizing your unwanted patterns and choosing to make changes towards success. The only person who is going to make a change in your life is you. WE are, at any given moment, in complete control of our mind and only WE have the power to change for the better. Responsibility and action generates a momentum of living in the now, creating more harmony, health and success in your life, bringing deeper joy in being alive.

Credentials: Neuro Linguistic programming Coach and Master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic programming certified by the National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
Transactional Analysis, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Hypnosis with Children certified by the Change Associates.
Reiki Practitioner.

The Littlest God

It wasn’t long after the Gods had created humankind that they began to realize their mistake. The creatures they had created were so adept, so skillful, so full of curiosity and the spirit of inquiry that it was only a matter of time before they would start to challenge the Gods themselves for supremacy.

To ensure their pre-eminence, the Gods held a large conference to discuss the issue. Gods were summoned from all over the known and unknown worlds. The debates were long, detailed, and soul-searching.divine hand

All the Gods were very clear about one thing. The difference between them and mortals was the difference between the quality of the resources they had. While humans had their egos and were concerned with the external, material aspects of the world, the Gods had spirit, soul and an understanding of the workings of the inner self.

The danger was that sooner of later the humans would want some of that too.

The Gods decided to hide their precious resources. The question was: Where? This was the reason for the length and passion of the debates at the great conference of the Gods.

Some suggested hiding these resources at the top of the highest mountain. But it was realized that sooner or later, the humans would scale such a mountain.

And the deepest crater in the deepest ocean would be discovered.

And mines would be sunk into the Earth.

And the most impenetrable jungle would give up their secrets.

And mechanical birds would explore the sky and space.

And the moon and the planets would become tourist destinations.

And even the wisest and most creative of the Gods fell silent as if every avenue had been explored and found wanting.

Until the littlest God, who had been silent until now, spoke up. “Why don’t we hide these resources inside each human? They’ll never think to look for them there.”

Primary Source: Peter McNab. Extract from: “The Magic of Metaphor” 

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  1. Hmayag Partamian said:

    I really like your field and I agree with you in many things if not in most…I have some questions tough..Are there cases that you cannot solve? And is this a business ? And if so is it affordable and Will you be able to help the millions of people who need such a therapy? Since you mention God , is this a science or something that you acquired and got stronger in? I love this field never thought it existed and I believe millions need help……
    Thanks for listening….All the best of luck

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    extra information, is there any other site which provides
    these things in quality?

  3. Hello there! I just wish to give you a big thumbs
    up forr the excellent information you hve hhere on thius post.
    I am coming back to your blog foor more soon.

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